Heart & Healing


What I do...

I am well versed in the time-honored healing practices of Reiki and Shamballa. These multi-dimensional healing techniques use high-frequency energies to balance the body’s energy.  Relaxing the body and releasing blocked emotional energy can allow one to heal quickly on the physical level as well as on the emotional level.  When the body’s energy is flowing freely there is great potential to grow and move forward on your life’s path.


Intuitive Channel / Medium

Reiki Master - Shamballa Practitioner





What to expect...

My goal is to create a very safe and relaxed atmosphere.  We will do a little breathing and grounding, and then Spirit will grace us with a message of importance to you based not only on this lifetime, but on your eons of being.  Next you will have an opportunity for discussion and to ask the questions that are important to you.  Lastly, Spirit will close with a short message.

What to expect...

You will be receiving healing energy in a very safe and relaxing atmosphere.  We will have a short discussion as to your goals and do a little breathing and grounding.  I will begin channeling energy to specific energy areas of your body, sometimes hands-on and sometimes I will be working on the energy field above your body.  A reclining position is recommended.  When this process is complete I will then telepathically connect with each of your energy centers to further clear them.  Lastly I will be helping you reground before moving off the table.

Ginny Brown - Intuitive Channel, Medium, Healer



What I do...

I connect with the Universal Consciousness and receive information to answer your specific questions and to help you know more about who you are and to be the best that you can be as you navigate through this lifetime.  The information available spans from the day of creation to the present, and often regards those things you had charted prior to coming to the earth plane that you wish to accomplish in this lifetime, therefore your questions are most important in accessing the information you are looking for.